The hotel experience begins with early planning and extends far beyond check-out time in the memories of your guest.



Travellers have many options when booking their lodgings, so connecting with him/her on a personal and emotional level is critical to ensuring their repeat business. Whether your establishment is known for trendsetting artistic design, boutique charm, old-world luxury or tranquil serenity, WESSCO International is your ideal partner for functional and distinctive amenities and guest-room accoutrements to reflect that unique style. Why not build upon the best qualities of your establishment with an experienced partner that is as driven to see your hotel thrive as you are? WESSCO International’s progressive team aligns top skin care and cosmetic brands with design moguls and leaders in the hospitality world. From concept to completion, we supply outstanding hotels around the world with amenities and convenience items that engage, delight and endear their clientele to them. WESSCO activates creatively-driven comfort product initiatives of any size or scope with expertise, efficiency and flexibility.

WESSCO International is Your Global Design + Sourcing Partner.



Elegant, economical and eco-friendly, our Ezy Squeeze dispensers provide many features that will assist your business. Whether you are supplying the hotel lodging, cruise lines, aged health care, educational, or institutional market we have a smarter option available for you.

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Hanview Dispenser for Westin Hotels