The products that passengers interact with in an airline lounge and onboard the aircraft are a material expression of an airline’s brand values.


These touch-point experiences, positive or negative, will resonate with a passenger and affect the formation of emotional memories related to his/her journey. Today’s passenger demands meaningful and individualized service from their chosen carrier, while an increasing variety of travel options has made customer loyalty difficult to achieve.Successful airlines understand that they must utilize every opportunity to create a compelling personal experience for travelers.

WESSCO International’s progressive team aligns top brands and design concepts with the leaders of the aviation world. We help our airline customers create solutions that engage, surprise, delight and endear their clientele to them. We activate creatively-driven travel comfort initiatives of any size or scope with full support, efficiency and flexibility.

Our global sourcing capabilities, supply chain expertise, innovative design strategy and brand partnerships complement a strong tradition of service and quality excellence as a family business. WESSCO International is the choice passenger comfort and branding associate of uncompromising airlines.

WESSCO International is Your Global Design + Sourcing Partner®.