Founded in Los Angeles in 1979, WESSCO International is a creative partner to the world’s leading airlines, hotels, and cruise lines. With branch offices in America, Europe and Asia, we are a one-stop shop for the entire travel industry.


Our creative team takes inspiration from ever-changing trends in the industries of fashion, design, and travel, resulting in finished products that are as relevant as they are innovative.


Our company was one of the first to plant roots in Asia. We continuously build our supply base so that we can develop projects quickly and competently.

Supply Chain

Our foundation is built on rigorous quality control and logistics management. WESSCO's QC team monitors all production, from receipt of raw materials to the finished product. Our global operations teams work with you on forecasting, tracking and replenishing to ensure a reliable supply chain at all times.


WESSCO has always maintained its indelible reputation for customer service, commitment and overall satisfaction.