WESSCO Reveals New Creative Identity

After 35 years in the business, this leader in the design and sourcing of quality passenger comfort programs for airlines proves that it still understands travel comfort better than anyone else.

September 16, 2014 – Los Angeles: WESSCO International, leading creative partner and supplier to airlines, cruise lines and hotels, used the annual APEX/IFSA Expo as a launch-pad for its exciting new creative identity and refreshed brand campaign; supported by a contemporary new website, company slogan, social media strategy and lifestyle brand partnerships.

“It was time for WESSCO to spearhead this new creative identity and refreshed brand campaign because digital and social media has changed the way businesses, brands and customers interact with each other. These online channels allow us to engage customers in ways that weren’t possible 10 years ago,” said Nick Bregman, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at WESSCO International. “WESSCO’s hip new persona and changed public face will allow clients to see our variety of products, projects and events on our website and though social media, but WESSCO will still provide the same quality customer service, great sourcing options and unique passenger experience that the industry has come to expect from us.”

In addition to a highly visual new website and active communications and social media strategy, WESSCO has introduced a new company slogan “Your Global Design + Sourcing Partner” crafted to underscore the firms robust in-house design capabilities, global sourcing prowess and collaborative mindset.

In an increasingly connected and media-rich society, people want to transition seamlessly between their favorite products, services, activities, places and experiences – or even enjoy them all at once. WESSCO International understands that no company is an island, and takes pride in an ability to successfully connect travel companies with prestigious brands and world-leading designers to deliver the all-encompassing, multi-faceted experience that today’s passenger demands.

Finally, celebrity brand ambassadors Pia Toscano and Jared Lee have signed on, putting fresh faces to the campaign and helping emphasize the strong link between creative comfort programs and lasting memories in the travel lifestyle. With hectic performance and travel schedules, both musicians appreciate a moment of calm relaxation – even if it’s at 30,000 feet. Like many frequent travelers, quality onboard amenities and brands that they can identify with help Jared and Pia feel right at home no matter where they roam. Re-usable components, such as a beautiful designer amenity bag, come in handy for organizing a life on the road and serve as a momento of their journey.

“Pia and Jared bring such vibrant energy and their music to the table,” said Bregman of the collaboration. “Their brand 7East has a lot of potential, and partnering with them is a longer-term strategy that benefits both WESSCO and 7East in the long run.”


By keeping at the forefront of the latest trends in leisure and entertainment, consumer culture, product design and digital media marketing, WESSCO has established itself as an unparalleled creative partner for travel companies, brands and top design houses the world over. Now, the company’s exterior countenance is a clear reflection of the progressive developments shaping its core.