APEX Feature: WESSCO Partners with Designer Philippe Starck for New Amenity Kits

April 16, 2015: Post from apex.aero on Philippe Starck & WESSCO partnership – original link

WESSCO International is partnering with world-renowned contemporary designer Philippe Starck on new amenity kit designs to add to their product and comfort program. This long-term collaboration will begin with first- and business-class amenity kits, consisting of both hard and soft versions of male, female and unisex kits in a variety of colors.

As a frequent traveler who considers himself more of a resident of the air than the land – by his approximation that he spends 230 days of the year flying, that would be a fair claim – Starck felt he was well suited to create this amenities collection, aiming to design products that would be worthy of long-term, at-home use.

“The Kleenex society is finished,” said Starck stressing that longevity is the highest standard of materials. While eco-friendly products are admirable, “the most economical thing to do is to keep it [the product]. If I can help this small, big problem – it’s a symbol. We can’t afford to put things in the garbage,” emphasizing his desire to create a line of products that the passengers want to keep.

While the kits won’t become available until later this year, Starck was able to demonstrate some sharp-looking prototypes such as a mirror, comb, toothbrush and razor, most of which could be screwed into a handle base. Starck and WESSCO have been in development on these kits for 14 months, and the results clearly eschew the “factory of bad details” approach, as Starck puts it.

WESSCO and Starck and will continue to explore new areas for improvement, and Starck underscored that there is “a long list of things to improve” within the airline cabin. Top on his list? Pajamas! “There’s no reason to be humiliated for sleeping on a airplane,” recounting various times he’s flown in first class only to see beautiful superstars exiting the washroom in embarrassing airline-provided sleepwear.

(source via apex.aero)