L’Occitane was founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976 in Provence, France as a company that promoted well-being and the Mediterranean, art-de-vivre lifestyle by using local ingredients and traditions from the region. L’Occitane refers to Occitanie, the ancient province that once covered the south of France, northeastern Spain and Italy.

L’Occitane has since become a well-recognized brand with over 2,000 boutiques worldwide and over US $1billion in sales in 2013.

L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE wessco international


Approximately 12 years ago Anita Gittelson was introduced to L’Occitane, which had 40 stores in the United States at that time. She was impressed with their product and their story, particularly the use of Shea Butter. She decided to show L’Occitane to our good customer, Delta Air Lines for potential use in their premium amenity kits. They loved the product and decided to put it onboard. This was highly unusual for a U.S. Airline with deep Southern roots to put a French product with a “hard-to-pronounce” name in their premium class cabin. Delta passengers loved L’Occitane and it stayed onboard for 6 years.

Once onboard, WESSCO International and L’Occitane collaborated to launch ambitious “guerilla marketing” tactics which resulted in driving retail to generate significant gross revenues for L’Occitane, based on tie-ins with product purchased with the Delta Air Lines discount code. Since there was an agreement in place for revenue generation, a generous amount of the gross sale was bounced back to Delta Air Lines.

At the same time, L’Occitane was presented to Delta Air Lines, Anita Gittelson and Bob Bregman, WESSCO International’s owner, decided L’Occitane would also be a perfect fit for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, our long-time customer of more than 25 years. A presentation was made to Isadore Sharp, their founder and CEO along with his Executive Team. They were very impressed and the rest, as they say, is History! L’Occitane has been in all the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts for over 10 years.

L’Occitane was also presented to Norwegian Cruise Line who immediately put L’Occitane into their suites. Within six short but significant months, WESSCO International had placed L’Occitane onboard Delta Air Lines, and into Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Norwegian Cruise Line suites. For each customer, WESSCO International created an 18-month marketing calendar for effective co-branding, marketing and empirical studies.

The years onboard Delta Air Lines, in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Norwegian Cruise Line suites, went hand-in-hand with L’Occitane’s coast-to-coast growth in the United States and its global expansion. Today L’Occitane is recognized as a premiere lifestyle brand and on practically every street corner worldwide. We’d like to think WESSCO International contributed to their success.